Sunday, February 15, 2015

the latest

I am on a mission with jane, we have to rescue someone from prison. There are some other groups of friends around following a similar trajectory. Our quest takes us to the lakeside campus where I try to act cool, and relevant, nodding my head at kids and wondering if I should remember them. Jane and I are in a hallway near the gym, she is rooting through a garbage can in search of food. She pulls out some half eaten apple cores and I am embarrassed, try to make her stop. Tommy Wallach is there and I ask about his new book.

We make our way to a dilapidated prison behind the gym, it has an old world dungeon feel and is dank and cool. The entrance is open, yet guarded by coconut crabs and kittens. They are all over the floor. I try to pick a crab up and it curls around a nips at my clothes. I shake it off and Jane darts into the darkness. We find our rescue mission, a thin man with a long beard and get him out of there. On the way back I feel something rough on my tooth, and ask jane what it is. She says it's a stain and I hide my teeth, scrubbing at it with my tongue. I want to smile but don't want to reveal the impurity. My teeth start to loosen and I hold my mouth shut to keep them in place, worried that they are all falling out. We run into henry and he thanks me for showing him that life is a magical mystery tour. I keep my lips closed and continue.

Suddenly I am looking into my own mouth as if it's a huge red cave. I see a second layer of teeth in the back, a second story level and all sorts of strange caves and tunnels. There's a thick scum of foam covering the floor.