Sunday, February 15, 2015

the latest

I am on a mission with jane, we have to rescue someone from prison. There are some other groups of friends around following a similar trajectory. Our quest takes us to the lakeside campus where I try to act cool, and relevant, nodding my head at kids and wondering if I should remember them. Jane and I are in a hallway near the gym, she is rooting through a garbage can in search of food. She pulls out some half eaten apple cores and I am embarrassed, try to make her stop. Tommy Wallach is there and I ask about his new book.

We make our way to a dilapidated prison behind the gym, it has an old world dungeon feel and is dank and cool. The entrance is open, yet guarded by coconut crabs and kittens. They are all over the floor. I try to pick a crab up and it curls around a nips at my clothes. I shake it off and Jane darts into the darkness. We find our rescue mission, a thin man with a long beard and get him out of there. On the way back I feel something rough on my tooth, and ask jane what it is. She says it's a stain and I hide my teeth, scrubbing at it with my tongue. I want to smile but don't want to reveal the impurity. My teeth start to loosen and I hold my mouth shut to keep them in place, worried that they are all falling out. We run into henry and he thanks me for showing him that life is a magical mystery tour. I keep my lips closed and continue.

Suddenly I am looking into my own mouth as if it's a huge red cave. I see a second layer of teeth in the back, a second story level and all sorts of strange caves and tunnels. There's a thick scum of foam covering the floor.


Saturday, December 27, 2014


for the coming year

van plans
explore more

many moons

since I last posted, and what of it?

Reading over my words here, I wonder at how far I've come.

I have my home on wheels, my nesting place, my anchor. I am making plans for the coming year, travel art and craft. Plans for mexico and black rock city and new corners of this big beautiful planet.

(Life expands forth)

And India? Can I be moving farther and closer at the same time?

This is the circular nature of things.

What a TRIP


Sunday, July 27, 2014


I am climbing a familiar mountain, I have been here before.  This mountain exists only in dreamtime, but I have climbed it many times, I am well versed in it's trails.  I can see the rise of snow approaching, I know the difficult part is just around the corner.  We stop for the night and Ali is there, he makes some phone calls and anticipates a delay. I am annoyed, I want to continue climbing. I want to arrive at the cold and snowy peak.

I am in an underground network of wet tunnels with my camera.  There is a set of metal stairs and a tiger coming down. I try and photograph the tiger without being seen, and then retreat to safety down a long tube. The tiger senses me and begins to run and so do I. 

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


I am in line for an initiation ceremony where I will be buried alive for an unknown amount of time. I climb into the casket which is buried 6 feet below, but I do not want them to fill the hole with dirt, I am afraid of having a panic attack. I have recently been scuba diving and was rusty about using the air hose. So I am in the casket and it's dark and suffocating, I climb out to go pee and face some disapproving looks, like I am not truly committing to the process. I rationalize that I am making an okay decision, being completely buried just isn't safe. I convince myself that merely being in the closed casket in the dark is a good enough initiation. I sheepishly get back in and blow all the candles out to prove that I am committing, I am. 

Am I?

Monday, July 15, 2013


in a snack.


I started smoking cigarettes a little bit when I was in India, mostly just as a social thing and for the novelty of an easy buzz. For once I wanted to join in the process, the sharing, the scrounging, the excuse for a breather. Plus, cigarettes are cheap and sexy. I decided to see what it was all about.

And then I came to Nepal where I began eyeing the death sticks from afar, waffling on if I should get a pack, guilt tripping myself into abstaining. Well I finally bought some and smoked two. The first one gave me a buzz and the second one made me downright queasy, dizzy and sick as a dog. And now I can't even look at the damn pack. Go figure.