Thursday, April 28, 2011

"small sacrifices must be made"

On an autumn trip to Seattle last year, I found myself languidly disoriented in georgetown, unable to find what I was looking for.  I did find the museum of flight, and decided to take a peek.  Inside the great hanger, I spent hours mesmerized by planes airborn on delicate bat wings, saucy women pioneers in flight and astronaut video simulations.

Months later I find myself coming back to the dying words of a man: Otto Lilienthal.

Born in Germany in 1848, Otto studied the flight of birds as a child, attempting to fly with home made wings.  He later studied engineering and became world-known for his successful heavier-than air glider flights.  He died of a broken spine after falling from a glider in 1896, uttering these final words: "Opfer müssen gebracht werden."

On another note, perhaps it is not sugar, but fat which is the culprit? According to this theory; fat blocks insulin receptors and prevents sugar from being carried quickly out of the bloodstream. There it lingers, feeding those yeasties. A sad truth, that I may have to say goodbye to an avocado a day.  xo        
avocados by craig stephens

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