Friday, May 13, 2011

on the other side

I had a dream on repeat last night like an apocalyptic groundhog day.  Details include: a secret asian sociopath with unloaded automatic weapons, his mild mannered alter-ego, uneasy suite-mates and snap decisions.  It all began hen a stranger turned to me and said, "here let me get her attention for you".... as he reached for a sultry blonde, this marked the beginning of a fervent race through a party, to the basement for an important backpack, and up the elevator to break into a board meeting.  Once in, I had to convince the executives that the new pharmaceutical they were about to release had dire worldwide repercussions and a crazed zombie guerilla was in the building with a thirst for mass destruction.  Sometimes he made it to the board room first and sometimes I was just ahead of him. Sometimes I wasted time with small-talk in the board room, but I was always convincing.  Each round I honed my maneuvers a bit more: strategic placement of my backpack to save time or a quick shoe change for better traction. Sometimes I forgot whether I took the stairs or the elevator and wasted precious minutes, heart pounding that I made the wrong choice as we (the execs and I) barreled down an empty stairwell with fear on our tails.    


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