Monday, June 6, 2011


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A big theme for me in the past few years has been of letting go.  I've also become increasingly dismayed with the amount of STUFF I have, from clothing to craft supplies to food.  The weight of all this excess gets heavier with time, and the frequency with which I move (4 homes in the past year!)  It's one of those situations where I have to constantly remind myself to keep plugging away at the little things, and one day I will see change in a big way.  

So the other night I decided to tackle my drawing supplies.  Pens, pencils, charcoal, paints, pastels and crayons have all lived in a vintage sewing box with the initials M.E.K. for years and years.  During the process of sorting and testing, and moving them into a ziplock, Erika wandered in, wondering if I was moving out.

"just moving my pens" I told her, to much amusement.

Once freed up, M.E.K (too darling to send to the goodwill) seemed to be the perfect place to house my sewing supplies.  In this chapter I re-discovered some remnants of wool and you might see where this is leading.  It's rough and hand sewed, passably functional and a lovely manifestation of that creature change.  I also liberated the cheap sewing box I never really liked.   

For anyone who has seen the show Hoarders, or who has made an impulse buy, you know that getting rid of things is only a temporary solution.  The real work is in changing the process, recognizing the fleeting invite of newness, and looking within, instead.



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