Wednesday, August 10, 2011

for the skeptics

Some notes I jotted down on the powers of obsidian.

obsidian for hypersensitivity, excellent for blocking energy.  great companion for transition.  helps to let go of old loves.  a catalyst for connecting deeper within and going into silence.  nurturing in periods of change and transformation.  relieves worry, anxiety fear and negativity.  facilitates the journey inward.  helps to get you back on track or start up when you get stuck. to be used consciously for speedy evolution. relieves the emotional turmoil that occurs in times of change.  corresponds to base, causal, crown, heart and solar plexus chakras. provides a shield against negativity, needs to be cleaned often. when working with obsidian nothing is hidden and we are compelled to grow. obsidian is a talking stone, hold a piece over your ear and listen.  connects you to your shadow side.  negative energies are magnified so they can be fully experienced.  Use with care.  Place under pillow to draw out mental stress.  It can bring up the reason for stress, can lead to nightmares.  symbolizes self control. will bring out the warrior spirit in you. can help you rediscover forgotten abilities within yourself.  acts as a mirror to reveal flaws and insight to dealing with flaws. can assist in communication with the spirit world.  look into a shiny piece in low light to see images or pick up vibrations.  stimulates the gift of prophecy. place on the third eye to ask about past life issues.  Ask aloud and listen for answers. scorpio birthstone. helps sharpen eyesight.  unsuitable for children!

All of this seemed very far-fetched at the time. However, in the spirit of believing at least six impossible things before breakfast, I've been exploring the absurd and finding new tools. xo

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