Sunday, September 11, 2011

day 1 (again)

Sluggish, itchy and foggy, I'm restarting the candida un-diet. I don't like word "diet" because, a) it implies that weight loss is the goal and, b) it suggests that it will end. The real goal is to eat sustainably, right? I am so incredibly bored of wrestling with sugar cravings and feeling conflicted about social situations and travel. I'm bored of this pattern of ups and downs. How is it that once I begin to feel better, I throw it all away for a passing sensation? BORING!! In my perfect world we would share salad greens from one big bowl and devour mangoes with wild abandon until the juice drips down our chins. And there would be slow lorises, red pandas and double rainbows for eternity. Yeah. xo

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