Saturday, October 15, 2011

a list that goes backwards in time

8 of cups
3 of disks
3 of cups
4 of swords
8 of swords
5 of disks
princess of cups
princess of cups
prince of swords
7 of swords
4 of cups
princess of cups
princess of cups
princess of disks
4 of swords

So I went for a full palm reading from Hillary, and she told me to get a tarot deck. It took me 3 tries, 3 bookstore visits and much deliberation, confusion and doubt before the Thoth deck spoke to me. It's becoming clear that this is not a beginner deck, and there is a lot of depth of symbolism and esoteric wisdom that I do not at all understand. In an effort to start simple, I've been drawing a daily card for the past couple of weeks, as well as trying to records my dreams. See any patterns? Mainly cups and swords (emotion and mental processes) does not surprise me. I'm wondering about this princess of cups character too, as she has appeared several times and in a row no less. Something about dreams and water..... that is all. xo

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