Friday, November 11, 2011


For the past few years, I've been plagued by bear dreams: terrifying fear-ridden escape-fueled bear dreams. I thought for sure I would get eaten or mauled by the beasts and even a hint of a bear was enough to make me panicky and selfish.

So a few months ago, Hillary told me that we all have 3 forces with us: a protector, a nurturer and an essence, and that it is important to identify and cultivate these aspects. Recently, before drifting into the dreamworld I asked my protector to come to me while I slept. For the first time I was not afraid of bear. From my perch high in a tree I saw him circling me, fighting off danger and keeping me safe.

The real 'aha' moment came the next day when I stole away to the car for a minute to craft myself a new dream journal out of an Anderson Valley IPA box. Like a light switch, I noticed bears all around me, from the antlered brown bears on my book to bipolar bear to my childhood teddy in the back window. There was an origami paper bear on the dash and a yogi tea fortune that began, "bear in mind..." Well duh I would have my protector in my car; a place where I feel especially anxious! And to think I had been running away for so many years :)

So now I take comfort in bear, and he is everywhere I go. xo

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