Tuesday, December 13, 2011

vessel of the fish

"Visualize two circles side by side, not touching. This represents Duality, or Separation. But now visualize the union of the two circles such that the Centre of each is on the circumference of the Other. This is the Father-Mother Principle in Divine Union. Observe the oval geometry in the middle, known as the Vesica Pisces which resembles an almond shape or the shape of the human eye.

Here is a puzzle. How would you describe the 3-Dimensional view of this Vesica or Almond Shape? Here is a clue, and its something we've been kicking around for quite a few decades. The answer is The Rugby ball

The Rugby Ball is indeed one of the most powerfully symbols in all of this Multi-Dimensional Language of Light.
This explains the bizarre global fascination for a game with billions of spectators who go into trance cheering the wild and unpredictable path of a bloated bladder ball, where everyone seeks bliss by participating in a cult that justifies the act of getting drunk, screaming praises and obscenities, perhaps no different than jungle behaviour thousands of years ago. I suspect that this is a healthy behaviour to tune out of our normal grind in society and work and release emotional pressures by venting at a ball game. This is Sacred Geometry at its best. Really it's a statement that sacred geometry exists invisibly in the mass consciousness. "  (from this site)

Geometry has taken on a new significance since my trip in the bermuda triangle. I am so damn curious about the true nature of things, and I have an itch to see it for myself. xo

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