Wednesday, February 29, 2012

to do

Like the moon, we too move through phases and by creating a Full Moon Mandala during the waxing phase of the moon (between the new and full moon), we are using it’s power to gather, grow, learn and to reveal our focus for the weeks ahead.

New Moon - New beginnings, fresh starts, optimism, hope and faith,
Waxing Moon
 – Building, accomplishments, creativity, strength, growth and learning, positive transformation
Full Moon
 – Abundance, harvest, wish-fulfillment, manifesting desires, sexuality, achieving all dreams, protection
Waning Moon
 – Letting go, clearing away, cleansing, releasing, shedding old patterns, undoing bindings, opening up problem-knots, making space
Dark Moon
 – Rest, Peace, deep wisdom, divination, contacting the guru within, letting things die away completely  


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