Monday, June 18, 2012

a quiz I took

It is time for you to discover your magical path.
Money may feel elusive and somewhat magical to you. Like a fairytale you wonder if it is real and possible for you to experience true wealth.
There is a deep inner wisdom within you that is starting to show buds, but you often second guess yourself wondering if it is magical thinking. When you do this, the buds aren't able to blossom.
There is great wisdom in magical thinking and fairytales. It is time for you to cultivate your unique magical path and recognize the wisdom within it.
Your greatest challenge: Â You get caught up in limiting mind loops that stunt the magic from growing into reality. Your greatest challenge is to recognize your limiting patterns and find the wisdom within them so you can release their spell on you.
Your greatest opportunity for creating wealth: Wealth comes from walking your magical path. Your greatest opportunity is to cultivate your belief in your magical path and release the fears and doubts so you can experience your own fairytale.
Inspired action: Notice where your limiting beliefs are holding you back and write a new fairytale that has all the magic you desire.
(from soul artist laura hollick)

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