Sunday, December 23, 2012


I found my anchor, not a plastic gold façade, but heavy metal, warm and round.

What is an anchor anyways? Something to nestle deep in the comfort mud, to withstand cold depths. A tool for grounding.

Hillary told me this would be important for my trip. She suggested Ganesh, the remover of obstacles. I decided to be more literal about it.

Digging through bins and buckets at the market, through bangles and pins and bits of light, there had to be an anchor there somewhere, maybe a pendant or a charm? My frustration grew like ivy.

I could ask someone for help, if I wasn't so afraid.

Desperately pawing, I need an anchor, I need an anchor....

And then, in the tray, I saw one! Bright gold in front of my eyes, I grabbed it greedily and my elation wavered. It was too light, no substance. And I had found it! And it was not my anchor. I wrestled with myself, and heart took the reins.

What is an anchor anyways?

To be used every day, when in need of a home.


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