Wednesday, January 19, 2011


In the spirit of finding opportunities in transition and using the space between:

A To Do List for the Following Month.

a. Pare down books to the unread and the essential*
b. Organize crafting supplies
c. Spontaneous yoga: more vin than yin.
d. Knit a cowl scarf.
e. Send things via post.
d. Eat all the random food that hides in my cupboard.
e. Spend time making a new journal, but don't write in it.
f. Practice self-restraint in acquiring new things.

I have a few weeks to prepare for a move to my new home.  Transitions are still difficult, as limiting habits rear their heads and escapism glows bright with false promise.  I'm learning to use these times to my advantage by being intentional and recognizing myself.

*A note about books.  As an only child with a big imagination, I lost vast amounts of time to reading.  Squirreled away in my room, I disappeared into blanket forts for hours on end with pages of adventure.  I anticipated new library books in the mail, fingers crossed anxiously for days. I found daily solace in well-worn worlds. Reading filled a social need for me, as I didn't have a siblings or a consistent community; books became comfort, family, and friendship. To this day I re-read books.  I reach for an old favorite with the ease I would call my best friend, taking up in the middle or end like no time at all has passed. I've finished a story only to restart immediately at the beginning. This is my comfort zone, sometimes at the expense of experiencing the rich world of which I am a part.  Friends are meant to be shared; today, I create new space on my shelf.


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