Sunday, July 17, 2011

patiently, persistently....... continuously.

holysmokes that was interesting. Ten days and one hundred hours of meditation later, I am in the midst of processing the experience.

days 1-3: noble silence. focus on the breath and sensations on the nose. frequent posture changes, experimentations in cushion technology, extreme drowsiness, wandering mind. deepening of awareness and increase in subtle sensations. meditations on breakfast.
day 4: FIERCE DETERMINATION. This is when the real challenge began, with the introduction of the vipassana technique and hour long group sits without changing posture. Lucid dreams, adrenaline and shark confrontations. Pleasant blurring of wake and sleep.
days 5-6: fierce determination continued. subtle vibrations and flow, deepening concentration and eager anticipation for discourses. Stiffness, back pain and stillness. Elation, and the realization that everyone I know desperately, unequivocally NEEDS this practice. Also, I dissolved.
days 7-9: More dissolution followed by questions, analysis, doubts and a critical mind. Bubbling emotions. thoughts of sun and strings and dancing. My 29th birthday. Constant pervasive, bordering on intrusive awareness of subtle vibrations.
day 10: Noble silence turned chattering. Lovingkindness meditations turned ugly, aversive. Impatience. Discouragement. New friends, smiles. A timely metaphor concerning well digging and universal thirst.

And I have arrived home via sandwiches, cherries, a brownie and an unexpected mistake of several hundreds. Also some long awaited good news, and heart warming birthday notes from wonderful friends and family. xo

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